Planina's Bulgaria 2018 Group Trip - Public Page

Many, many thanks to all the donors who helped us cover expenses for our Bulgaria trip! We visited three villages, worked with numerous singers, had several performances of our own, and experienced unprecedented musical and cultural opportunities. Thank you, thank you for your support!

Here are a few photos showing some of the scenes from our trip. But all the explanation and great stories are on the Private Donor Only Page. If you gave $30 or more (in honor of Planina's 30th anniversary year), you should have received the password to access the special private site where we have posted (and will continue to post) more pictures as well as articles and (soon) videos about the trip. Check it out! (If you gave $30 or more and don't have the password, please send us an email at our contact page and we'll get it to you.)

Private Donor Only Page

Fundraising Progress - (as of 7/6/18)
Total Raised - $4,848

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