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Planina & Marrakech Express at First Universalist Church of Denver

Sunday, November 4, 4-6pm
First Universalist Church of Denver
4101 E. Hampden Ave. (at Colorado Blvd.), Denver 80222
$20 in advance

Tickets are now available for this concert, in which Planina will bring the richness of Eastern European vocal music to a concert shared with our friends and musical colleagues Marrakech Express.

Marrakech Express takes you on a sonic journey to a place where the microtonal beauty of classical Arabic music, the traditions of Andalusian and rumba flamenco music from Spain, the rhythmic influence of the Mid-East and Africa, the soulful desert sounds of the G'nawi people, and the urban grooves of Moroccan sha'abi and edgy Algerian rai music all blend together to make North Africa a crossroads of beautiful, exotic, and ever evolving sounds.

This concert is being presented by First Universalist Church of Denver and will take place in their beautiful new sanctuary, with its lovely lighting and acoustics. Hope to see you there! Get your tickets here.