Planina has produced three CD recordings of traditional music, a cookbook, and a heavy-duty logo tote bag. (Sorry; T-shirts are out of stock!) Planina is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Proceeds from the sale of these products benefit the group's education and outreach. 


Telegram on the Wind (CD, 2012)  

We love and sing songs from many different parts of Eastern Europe, as you will hear on this disc. But this CD draws a great deal from our experiences traveling in Bulgaria and studying with Bulgarian musicians closer to home.


May It Fill Your Bowl: 
A Cookbook From Planina

Because the music Planina performs is inextricably linked with celebrations, food, dancing, and community, the group decided to create “May It Fill Your Bowl: A Cookbook from Planina,” which includes over 70 recipes: mostly Eastern European plus a few potluck favorites from Planina members and friends.


Planina Totebag

Missed the Planina reunion? Here's a way to support Planina and equip yourself for "green" shopping at the same time.


The Singing Tree (CD, 2004) 

Planina's 2004 recording includes full-chorus, small-group, men's and women's numbers, ranging from simple village songs with diaphonic harmony to rich choral arrangements. 


Many Voices (CD, 2000) 

Many Voices celebrates the richness of Eastern European folk music in a tour of haunting melodies, penetrating harmonies and vibrantly diverse vocal styles.